Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welcome to Rich Stowe's Diamond Thoughts

Welcome to Rich Stowe's Diamond Thoughts.

First, a little about me.  I grew up in a small town in northwestern Connecticut, then spent ten and a half years in the United States Air Force.  I've always been a sports fan, mainly the New York Yankees, New York Football Giants and UCONN Huskies sports.

About five years ago, I joined a site called FanNation and met some great people and sports fans.  We would sit around all day discussing sports.  I started blogging my thoughts about sports on that site.  Eventually, two of the guys I knew from that site, Zach Bigalke and David Snipes, started their own sports site called Informative Sports and I started writing for them and I was hooked.

It was for Informative Sports that I realized I love to analyze baseball stats and compare players, whether it's comparing players through different eras or players from today, I couldn't get enough.  I realized that you couldn't just look at the individual stats blindly, you had to understand why the stats were what they were, was there something in the era that affected the stats and what did the stats actually mean.

Last year, Informative Sports merged with a new, up and coming site, called The Sports Nickel run by Brian Guerra and Robert Menn.  It was there that my writing really took off.  My greatest players by position series was reposted and updated and I continued my weekly Rich's Rants series I started on Informative Sports in which I tackled what ever topics of that week I had strong feelings about.

Then, back in February of this year, I also started writing for Bleacher Report.  Since then, I've written just under 30 articles for them.  I'm a MLB and New York Yankees Featured Columnist on that site now, where I write two or three articles a week.  My strength is in baseball history and analysis, so that's what the majority of my articles are about, though I will write about current topics when needed.

I love to discuss sports with knowledgeable fans.  I'm opinionated, but if you can back up your opinion with actual facts and intelligence, you might be able to change my opinion.  Even though I'm a Yankee fan, I do my best to keep any bias or homerism out of my writing.  Just because I love the Yankees, doesn't mean I won't call them or the players themselves out when needed.

So, what is Rich Stowe's Diamond Thoughts going to be about?  Well, while my main writing will be for Bleacher Report, I hope to use this as an outlet for those thoughts about baseball that don't fit well into an article on their own or just random thoughts I may have about baseball.  I also hope to get into discussions with my readers about the topics I write about or baseball in general.  I'll do my best to respond to any comments left here or through email.  Feel free to email me any questions or comments you have, any suggestions for player comparisons etc.

I look forward to expressing my thoughts and I hope you at least find them interesting or thought provoking.

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